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Packing Sealing Machine

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Model: MRseal-30

Manipulation Pattern: Automatic & Continuous

Dimension: 472×232×188 mm

Weight: 11 kg

Rated Power: 400W

Housing Material: Coated Carbon Steel

Temp.Range: Max.220 ℃

Heating Rate: 180 ℃/40s

Sealing Width: 12 mm

Sealing Speed: ≥10m/min

Distance from Edge: 0-40 mm

Screen Size: 7” color touch screen

Pressure Monitoring: Yes

Printing System: Dot-matrix printing (single-line)

Information Export: USB port to save data

Characteristics: Small and light weight

Intellectual monitoring

Printing module pops up from side and easy to replace ribbon.

Information be recorded

Sealing test function

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