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Single Use Venipuncture Assistant Kit

Specification:Normal Venipuncture, IV catheter puncture
Registration No:SFDA 2012 2640444
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Single Use Venipuncture Assistant KitType: Single Use Venous Infusion Sets
1.Full allocation, easy to bring, it can improve the nursing efficiency
2.Sterilized, single use, it can prevent cross infection, reduce the probability of patient’s local infection and phlebophlogosis infection
3.The film is made from imported PU film and medical crylic acid, full specification, water proof, fungi-proofing, transparent, visible, safety, comfortable, durable, low anaphylaxis, it will not hurt skin when uncover the film
4.Iodophor cotton swab is packed by exclusive high-tech micro-tube patent. When using, pick out cotton swab, make the end with printed color ring upwards, break off it, when the liquid inflow automatic to the other end of cotton swab, then embrocate the surface of skin by the wet end. Handing safety, easy
5.Tourniquet material is environmental, full specification, it can meet different patient

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