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Super-Low Density Polythene Infusion Set

Specification:With air vent(normal precision), without air vent(normal,precison), If it is with needle, the needle size is : 0.4、0.45、0.5、0.55、0.6、0.7、0.8、0.9、1.1、1.2(single wing, double wing, without wing)
Registration No:SFDA 2012 3661008
Sales Phone:0631-521999

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Type: Single Use Venous Infusion Sets
Characteristic:The traditional infusion set is made from PVC with DEHP. In recent years, people found that the DEHP can be release to medicine liquid and blood to bring negative influence to health; DEHP can destruct paclitaxel, Carmustine and so on for curing tumour. The tube, which made from PVC with DEHP, can absorb some circulatory system medicine, calm and analgesia, immunomodulator, biochemistry preparation and vitamin A, lower the pesticide effect, influence the therapeutic effect and recovery time. It is note that the medicine can be used with infusion set, which made from PVC with DEHP, in relative medicine introduction.
?Shandong Weigao Group Co.,Ltd and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a new material infusion set together. The infusion set is made from Super-Low Density Polythene(copolymer of ethylene, butane and octylene) or copolymer ethylene and styrene, they are non-toxic to body. The is no any  plasticizer, then ensure the medicine right and curing effect; There is no plasticizer and metal ion released to medicine liquid and blood, and no potential harm to health. This kind of infusion set has approved by authority test deportment , and used more in China market

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