Single Use IV Catheter

Specification:Y type(Y-G、Y-S)18Gx29mm、20Gx29mm、22Gx19mm、22Gx25mm、24Gx19mm、26Gx16mm;Z type(Z-G、Z-S)18Gx29mm、20Gx29mm、22Gx19mm、22Gx25mm、24Gx19mm、26Gx16mm
Registration No:SFDA 2004 3060170(update)
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Type: Single Use Infusion Sets
Characteristic:Single-use IV Catheter is mainly used in infusion for Peripheral Vessel of body. It can be used in many times infusion by keep the tube in body in short time. It dose not need puncture repeately, mitigate the patient’s pain, reduce the medical risk, it is convenient for patient. The product is closed, the blood will not leak when operating, easy for nurse to operate and in case of cross-infection