Single Use Infusion Set with High-efficency Filter

Specification:The Filter bore diameter with air vent and without air vent is 5μm、3μm、2μm、1.2μm、0.22μm If it is with needle, the needle size is 0.45x13.5 RW LB、0.5x17.5 TW LB、0.55x17.5 RW LB、0.6x22.5 TW LB、0.7x22.5 TW LB、0.7x19 TW LB、0.8x19 TW LB、0.9x26 TW LB、1.2x19 TW LB、1.2x26 TW LB、1.2x38 TW SB
Registration No:SFDA 2012 3661704
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Type: Single Use Infusion Sets
Characteristic:The filter film is nylon membrane and PES membrane, standard bore diameter≤5.0 micrometer。 It is effective to filter all kinds of insoluble particle which is bigger than body microcirculation vessel inner diameter.(adult:5-8 micrometer, infant 3-5 micrometer),in case of all kinds of harmful reaction, for example phlebophlogosis the vessel color changing and changing harder, part embolism, indurate, numbness of limb ,which can be seen on the surface; recessive granuloma, tumour and so on
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