Single Use Intravenous Infusion Needle

Specification:0.45x13.5 RW LB、0.5x17.5 TW LB、0.55x17.5 RW LB、0.6x22.5 TW LB、0.7x22.5 TW LB、0.7x19 TW LB、0.8x26 TW LB、0.9x26 TW LB、1.2x26 TW LB、0.8x19 TW LB、0.9x19 TW LB、1.2x19 TW LB、1.2x38 TW SB
Registration No:SFDA 2011 3151135
Sales Phone:0631-5622570
Type: Single Use Venous Infusion Sets
It is used with transfusion (infusion ) set and syringe to inject medicine or blood
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