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Weigao Medical Product Company Limited held Marketing system speech and knowledge contest


To improve marketing team execution continuously, improve all members’ work ability, make excellent team, implement "three heart culture" conscientiously, complete every performance measure successfully for this year, May 7, the marketing system of Weigao Medical Product Company successfully held a speech contest and knowledge competition-with theme "learn three hearts culture, conscientious execution, and create success". The general manager of Medical Product Group Wangyi, CFO JuHongFeng, director of human resources Zhangsong, general manager of Medical Product Company SongXiuShan, marketing vice President Longjing, manufacture vice-president ChenXiaoTong, the chief engineer XiaXinRui etc attended the meeting. From each region, departments of 16 teams and 96 contestants from different region and department participated in knowledge competition and speech contest respectively..

Knowledge competition started with the song of Weigao. The knowledge competition takes three rounds eliminated, includes Weigao enterprise culture , the staff's handbook, all kinds of products and professional knowledge, intravenous infusion knowledge and other aspects of content. In the link of team display style, each team showed KuaiBan, poetry, semi chorus ,showing brilliant performance with diverse forms centered on " learn three hearts culture, conscientious execution, and create success ". After fierce competition, the northeast area eventually took absolute advantage to be the champion, southeast area won the second prize, Shandong district team won third prize.

In the speech contest, the contestants combined , with working experience vivid examples, true feelings and beautiful language, interpret Weigao employee's practice of three hearts culture, speeding up the product structure adjustment, catching plan implement, improving the executionand the spritit of love their job.After intense competition, Quxiaoyang from southeast area, WeiXiaoPing from the ministry of commerce, Sunlanfeng from the Marketing Department were awarded the first, second, and third in salesman team respectively , HuangXiaoYu from Marketing Department, Liutao from Beijing-Tianjin region, SunQingDong of northeast and LiuDaiMin of South Central respectively won the first , second and third in sales cadres group respectivly.

After the game, medical products company general manager SongXiuShan summed up the speech, thanked to all teams and competitor's preparation and diligence, he required all the marketingteam to integrate "three heart culture" in the future work, strengthen enforcement to complete the task this year.

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