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Weigao First Production-line Worker Housing Ceremony Held Ceremoniously


June 4, Weigao First Production-line Worker housing ceremony held ceremoniously, CEO ZhangHuaWei, vice-President ZhouShuHua, Chen ling and other leaders presented at the ceremony. More than 400 people who get the first house, such as workshop directors, production managers, branch managerfrom subsidiary companies attended the meeting.

CEO ZhangHuaWei had an important speech. He pointed out that housing is a great event in life, Only in their own houses , people can live comfortly. At present,; housing price is always high, so buying a house becomes extravagant hopes for a lot of people. The company think what we think, after resolving the housing for our cadres, this time the company took more than 50 million,, nearly 200 homes, solve the housing problem for a line of workshop directors, married couples and technical workers, company determines the housing distribution solutions according to position and years of working experience. The company devotes a line worker greatly to reduce the burden of the worker; this is what common employees dare not want to think of. Distributing housing to production line workers, it is the affirmation of the company for workers’ contribution. For many years, on the way of company’s constant development and expansion, productiomline workers contributed a lot, distributing housing to production line workers is fully embodies the company’s care and warmth to the production line worker ; fully show that everybody can benefit from the development of the company.There is a saying in China "The river water, with the river”. Everyone must contribute to the company, create value, so that the value of the individual can be realized and the interest of the individual can be guaranteed. Zhanghuawei stands for the board of directors suggest to the first group of housing researchers: first of all is to be grateful for the company really, set up the sense of responsibility Secondly is to practice "three hearts", carrying forward Weigao culture. Thirdly is to set an example, playing the leading role . Fourthly is to improve the workshop management level. Fifthly is to improve the execution

On the ceremony, leaders handed housing keys to 165 employees. Employees got housing had a happy smile.. They all said, they will be more strict with themselves at work,with down-to-earth working attitude let "three hearts" thought fully integrated into their personal behaviors, work harder to create a "harmonious Weigao", "one hundred year Weigao"!

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