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Kickoff Meeting of ERP Project


August 3rd, Weigao Group held the meetingfor ERP project. CEO ZhangHuaWei deployed ERP, the manager of Weigao Group Company, Medical Products Group Company, more personnel upper workshop director, business backbone and main users of ERP project participated the meeting.

From the beginning of ERP upgrade, we , proceeded business unit test design, system blueprint, system integration simulation test, product function development, system integration, system test closed definition and several other stages, which all quanlified for the condition of production. Weigao Group held ERP projectonline starting meeting, deployed related work. It was noted that the project will establish a team by leaders from the group, the industry group, companies o.Experters from Kingdee company, IT departments of group company and corporate governance make up the implementation group, a group each business system under the leadership of the business team of business group, strengthen leadership and implementation of the project.

CEO ZhangHuaWei Pointed in his statement, ERP online is a great event of Weigao Group; the company must put great attention to it, make sure all work done well.. The company should understand the significance of IT upgrading fully, IT is not onlyupgrade from single organization management model to the group of more organization management model , but also more cooperative management organization of the upgrade process, can be optimized and curing management processes, and realizing more database to upgrade the unified group data, ensuring the consistency of the group data. To clearify every team duty, strengthen the security and project scheduling, implement performance; Make and implement online implementation plan well, to ensure implementation schedule; To coordinate the work of team members, arrange for the end user and guide its online, to enable the end user to finish the work as planned. To strengthen discipline, and not leave without getting permission, or held companies’ leaders and business team leaders' responsibility, for whom the person has the error ration, weak responsibility, make them be out post.

To establish three stages mission goals of training initialization, business data collection and K3 switching, establish incentive performance management measures, implement stage performance, reward outstanding staff. To increase dynamics of project training work, improve the quality and efficiency of projects online, take day and night turns training, the whole company personnel must cooperate closely; during the training, to do the logistical support well, arrange employees and traffic subsidy well, arrange extra meal in night, focus on their health, arrange rest time rationally.

CEOZhangHuaWei stressed, there will be technical problems during the process of ERP online. The project team will establish the record, analysis, processing, feedback channels for arisen problems, guaranteeing the normal online. In period of the online, first we have to make sure that the switching of basic business, making sustained optimization on details, management and optimization of the system after switch to online. For the products problems during the online, senior adviser of Kingdee should organize the resources to solve problems at the first time, guaranteeing the stability of the ERP system.

The ERP project for online has effects on optimization of the company management, playing significant role for upgrading company management level. Workers involved in the project must be confident to face the challenge. Report any problems immediately , ensure the project completed on schedule.

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