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Weigao and Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital Establish edStrategic Cooperative Relation


August 8th, Weigao and Guangdong provincial people's hospital established overall strategic cooperative relation in Guangzhou.

Guangdong provincial party committee member, organization minister LiYuMei, the president of Guangdong provincial people's hospital LinShuGuang, secretary of municipal Party committee WangPeiTing,committee of municipal party committee, the propaganda minister, secretary general ZhangJian, vice-mayor FangDeYang, director of the committee of high area JiangYuYi, deputy secretary general of municipal party committee WuYongGang, vice-president of Weigao Group Zhoushuhua,the general manager of Weigao Medical Product Group, the chairman and general manager of Wego Blood Purification Products Company Limited Xialiebo attended the signing ceremony. Signing ceremony was hosted by vice President of Guangdong provincial people's hospital HeBin. ZhouShuHua, LinShuGuang speeched.

According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the aspects of talents training, Weigao should give full play to the advantages of Weigao management college, the relevant departments will build Weigao southern medical training center, strengthen clinical operation knowledge training, training of medical treatment in Weihai and Guangzhou, mainly making training for middle management personnel related technical clinic, nursing and product manager and marketing manager in Weigao. Both sides will work together to apply advanced medical science and technology project from the ministry of science and technology, the ministry of public health, to promote science and technology innovation thorough development; the hospital will serve ash Weigao production clinical base, at the same condition, using Weigao products in priority. At the same time, the agreement stated, Weihai government will make Guangdong province people's hospital in southern region as the preferred government officials health security base, Weigao helps its perfect health security system in hospital regularly every year. Weigao will build expert model, choose its key department experts to join model prior, experts give priority to the disease diagnosis and treatment from Weigao

The vice President ZhouShuHua said in his speech, Weigao will enhance the enterprise scientific management, strengthen scientific research achievements, and strive to improve product quality , to meet the maximum need of the hospital, to offer the best products and the best service. Weigao will build close cooperation with Guangdong provincial people's hospital, complete the training work, improve the personnel quality, better service for patients, Push to get more ministry scientific research projects, strengthen the development and clinical strength, improve the level of innovation; Positively take more social responsibility, reduce the burden of the disadvantaged groups, let them live better. She says, Weigao group and Guangdong provincial people hospital has been have good relations of cooperation, to establish strategic cooperative relations, will further promote the development of both parties to a new level.

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