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Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Heyong Inspected Weigao


August 26th, secretary of the CPC central committee, Deputy secretary of the discipline Heyong, accompanied by secretary of a provincial Party committee JiangYiKang, vice secretary of provincial party committee, chairman of Provincial political consultative committee SunWei, member of the provincial party committee secretary general Wangmin, secretary of provincial party committee LiFaQuan, municipal party secretary WangPeiTing, major SunShuTao, committee of municipal party committee, secretary general, propaganda minister ZhangJian, inspectED Weigao Group. Chairman ChenXueLi, President ZhangHuaWei, vice President ZhouShuHua and Chenlin welcomed this line of visitors.

Heyong inspected Weigao Chuncun industrial park and exhibition hall. In product exhibition hall, he understands cooperation of production-learning-research, organization, high-tech products and the park planning etc. He showed great interest in Weigao’s insisting on conducting production-teaching-research combination, makingfull use of social resources, and improving the ability of independent innovation, strengthening product structure adjustment, striving to change development mode, increasing economic benefits. He learned some of the high-end infusion, intravenous catheter, absorbable surgical suture, syringe, test-tube baby devices, diagnostic reagents, heart stent implantation and all kinds of stents, artificial liver and blood purification materials and equipment, orthopedic materials, and medical equipment, dental implant, aerospace military products etc high technology products, he felt happy about Weigao’s contribution to science and technology R&D, the development of advanced technology, reliable quality of the high-tech content and high value-added products, breaking foreign monopoly.

After knowing that Weigao’s development is from normal infusion products,to most infusion products are high-end ones, entered the domestic 301 hospitals,weigao is praised by the leaders of the country, he inquired a lot from Chenxueli about the sales of infusion set, amarket share, the material of intravenous infusion nutrition bag, the difference between quartz glass infusion and other material. In intravenous catheter and all kinds of medical needle galleries, secretary Mr. He asked the complex technology processing of needle, such as ultrasonic cleaning production process, the needle material, variety, the sales price, market development, After knowing that positive pressure lien needle is with non-toxic, non-polluting of silicon and plastic parts connection, to ensure that patients health, he said Weigao paidhigh attention to the people's health, considering the safety of patients which is not very easy. In the place of test tube babies products, he was interested in knowing the performance quality and the market situation of this product, after knowing the test-tube baby will own high market share, and brought good news for countless infertile family. He said happily, test-tube baby products of Weigao is the great contribution to the nation, he hoped Weigaocan always adhere to the aim of saving patients and benefiting the people, strengthen scientific research, and constantly adjust the industrial structure, develop more high-end medical equipment to benefit the people's livelihood.

Heyong showed fully affirmation to Weigao’s healthy and rapid development in the past 20 years. He pointed out that the medical equipment is related with people's health closely, the country promote health care system reform, in order to improve people's health. Weigao will strengthen cooperation of production-learning-research, and further increase the technical innovation and speed up product structure adjustment, depending more on the high-tech products to improve people's health, establish distinctive national brand.

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