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Nursing Association of Fujian Province held Intravenous Infusion Safety Management Conference


Hosted by Nursing Association of Fujian Province and supported by Weigao group Intravenous Infusion Safety Management Conference was held in Wanda Westin hotel in Fuzhou on September3rd. Head nurse of nursing association of Fujian province JiangXiaoYing, general secretary ZhengCuihong, nursing director and deputy directors for a total of 76 people from Tier three hospitals attended the meeting, and southeast regional sales manager of Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited DongJianXi, marketing manager MengLingHong, the ministry of commerce ZhaoFang attended the meeting.

This conference focus on "improve product structure, material and infusion deepen quality care, improve the intravenous infusion safety", invited professor YinJingHua, from Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the institute of applied chemistry professorto give the excellent lecture on about the safty of consumable infusion equipments using PVC with DEHP.. Professor Yin referred changing the material of infusion, from shock plasticizing agent events across the country, to the national laws and regulations, and by plasticizing agent of the harm of the results, all-round expounds the common use PVC material for clinical intravenous infusion products of safety hazards, and provide new nontoxic adsorption material without the infusion products, fundamentally eliminate infusion products endanger the patient safety and infusion nurses the occupational safety. Wuxi people hospital director of nurse HuangYunJuan made a report about “infusion therapy and nursing safety management ", according to 2011 the United States INS meeting as an opportunity to participate in experience, from aspects of basic nursing practice, nursing qualification standards implementation, intravenous infusion executive authority, and the transfusion treatment approach and infusion of product selection etc to elaborate opinion and the suggestion of deepening high quality nursing. Marketing manager of Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited MengLingHong introduced that Weigao group can provide the intravenous infusion areas withmore safe, reliable care products to safeguard the patient's safety. He pointed out that using the drug infusion in the field of product innovation pathway, is to ensure that patients security, reduce hospital infection, improve the quality of care for the best solution.

The success of the conference will promote intravenous infusion to the direction of swifter, higher career development in Wujian Province.

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