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Weigao Group and Chinese Academy of Sciences Confirmed New Development Project


On the morning of September 25, Chinese academy of sciences-Weigao Group high technology research and development program leading group meeting convened, this meeting discussed and determined that for the 2011 plan , Weigao and Chinese academy of sciences has four projects and three tracking support programs. The president of Shenyang branch of The Chinese academy of sciences Baoxinhe, Vice-president of ShanDong Province Science &Technology department. XuMaoBo, WangXiaoBin, committee of municipal party committee, vice-mayor DongJinYou, director of Weigao Group board of directors ChenXueLi, President ZhangHuaWei, chiefengineer YinJingHua, director of research and development Gaoshan attended the meeting.

On April 29 last year, Weigao Group and Chinese academy of sciences signed the high technology research and development program framework agreement, developing international leading products and technology in the field of medical equipment, biological engineering and medicine etc, to improve the ability of independent innovation. It is an important strategic for Weigao group to integrate society resources and technology resources actively, promote national medical instrument and equipment industry gradually to a high-end research and development, markeWeigao manufacture-learning-research cooperation entered a new stage of development. On the meeting, management made a decision on 11 projects that recommended by the committee experts this year, andmade agreement on “radiation aging medical polymer materials in the preparation and medical equipment (with) the application", "new insulin sensitizers DK3 before the clinical research" etc together four projects and three other tracking support programs.

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