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Weigao Group Won the National Top Ten Social Responsibility Brand Award


On April 13rd, "China enterprise brand competitiveness index (CBI) conference and key industries brand management BBS" was held in Beijing. Weigao Group Co., Ltd. moved forward to top 20 of China brand competitive pharmaceutical industry also got 2011 and 2012 annual "national top ten social responsibility brand award".

In the morning, China enterprise brand competitiveness index (CBI) conference was held in the auditorium of Chinese academy of social sciences, the vice chairman of The nineth national political consultative conference Wang Wenyuan, vice President of the Chinese academy ChenJiagui, president of China market association YuXiaosong and other government leaders; Beijing university, foreign economics and trade university, Shanghai university of finance and economics, Nanjing industry university, Beijing university of industry and commerce and other famous college professors , also representatives from sixteen enterprise including finance, real estate, medicine, automobile, and IT industry attendedthe conference.

China enterprise brand competitiveness index (CBI) reflects the overall competitiveness of the Chinese proprietary enterprise brand, covers four indexes :financial, market, potential and customer, which plays an important role on independent brand China construction evaluation and forecast. The launch of the index, directsChinese enterprises in the brand construction, also provides important reference basis for government’s guidance to the enterprises brand development. The Chinese academy of social sciences industrial economy researchers performed comprehensive research on 40 industries nearly 3000 listed companies and more than 7000 private enterprises, collected data through multi-channel, report the authenticity objectivity and the accuracy of the data, got consistent approval of the accuracy, objective and truth of the report from the participants.

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