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Wego Donated Money and Clothes to Improve Chucun Medical and Education Condition


   September 3rd, Weigao Group held a donation ceremony at Chucun village primary school, Wego donated 1 million RMB to the fifteenth high school of Chucun and Chucun primary school, also donated 2.6 million medical devices to Chucun hospital   
Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Xu Dongsheng, director of management committee of High technology development area Jiang yuyi, Chairman of Wego group board, Chen xueli
 and vice president of Wego group,Zhou Shuhua attended the ceremony. Chen Xueli, Jiang Yuyi Xu Dongsheng had speech, the deputy director of management committee of high technology development area, Sun xubo, chaired the ceremony.
   Deputy Mayor Xu Dongsheng appraised Wego’s charity to improve Chucun’s education and medical condition. He said: education and health care are the most important part of people’s life; they are concerns that people care the most, which have a direct relation with people’s interest. Wego donated 4 million RMB worth of capital goods, made an important contribution to improve area public services, promoted harmony and common prosperity of the enterprises with resident area , enhanced the social image and reputation of Weigao Group . City’s enterprises should learn from Weigao Group with a positive commitment to social responsibility, return back to society with a thanksgiving heart and set up a good brand image to build up the foundation for enterprise’s long term sustainable development, also make greater contributions to build a better Weihai.
   In his speech, Chen xueli mentioned: Wego’s development depends on the society, we should devote ourselves with conscience, sincere and loyal to assume social responsibilities, participate public services, help vulnerable groups, improve education environment in order to return the support and care Wego got from government and people. This benefits country and people, it is also our responsibilities in duty bound. In the past years, we have donated more than 300 million RMB capitals to help public service.In order to improve the education and medical condition of Chucun , promote various social undertakings, make people more health and society more harmonious and rally, Wego made this donation to support Chucun education and medical development
   At the end of 2007, Wego started to build a new plant at Chucun in order to further enlarge and strengthen itself, also Wego launched a number of new products to strengthen industrial structure and adjust product structure. During the construction and development of new plant, government of Weihai city , high technology development area and also Chucun contributed a lot of human resources and financial resources to make sure the new plant can be finished on schedule . Our donation is just the best return to Chucun people.

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