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How to do the workshop management


   Workshop management is the main part of company production and business plans, management is in place or not, concerns the company whether specific policy objectives to achieve. Improve the management level, do a good job of workshop management, give full play to the team advantage, continue to create greater value for enterprise.
The workshop managers must be good at grasping new things, and strive to enhance their ability. Managers have excellent quality, and a deep understanding of management functions and operation of the equipment and the ability to deal with temporary incidents. Managers in the management must be fair, win people by virtue, build prestige among workers, lead workers to increase production and improve efficiency. Managers should reflect upon themselves, form the habit of self-summary, multi-faceted think, in the follow-up work, improve the technical level, increase yield and improve quality and save energy.
   Doing a good job of workshop management includes the following points. Workshop should arrange production plan, after receiving the task of plan assigned by the production department, careful analyse it the first time, do a good job of written work plan for the organization this week, so that orderly schedule, control the production schedule. The person in charge of the process should do the processing of each process, record good production in detail, quality problems occur, be able to find the root of problem in the first time to solve the problem timely. Loss of knives, tools, measuring tools, materials, time, water, electricity, gas and waste will result in increases of cost, managers should establish awareness of energy saving, start from details, drive employees of energy saving. Managers should communicate well with staffs, strengthen the workshop staff management, explore the potential of employees, increase productivity; arrange personnel in accordance with the best fixed positions of principle and personal expertise.
   Train generalist reserve personnel for different jobs. Make great efforts to train staff multi-faceted skills, encourage employees to learn more and see more, adapt to the product type transform. Workshop site must be strictly in accordance with the unified layout of the company's management, make good use of equipment, maintenance, maintenance; materials should be put by partition and sort, set clear logo to be easy to manage; materials out of storage should have detailed records.
   Workshop managers in the workshop management should think from multi aspects. In workshop management, when deal with interpersonal relations and guide the production, they must find more methods, and teaching by example is the best management practices, managers should do things” person first, once make a good person, things can do well. "

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