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Weigao held a neurological monitoring workshop in Shanghai


    June 1, sponsored by the Weigao Group, Shanghai Jiaotong University ENT Institute organized the "intranperative monitoring academic seminar" in Shanghai Mingxuan hotel. Dr. Chris Hovey from England, Vice director of Chinese Medical Association of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Branch, Wuhao, president of
    Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Otolaryngology Yinshankai, Vice chairmen of Chinese Medical Association of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Branch youth committee Daichun Fu, Shanghai Otolaryngology Society member Wang Jiadong, Otolaryngology Society members Dongpin, Association of Chinese Medicine Otolaryngology branch member Zhijun, Fudan University ENT Hospital Chief physician Li Huawei, medical products company Shanghai Region General Manager Sun Shengchen  medical products company  product manager MengQingfei, Shanghai Branch Marketing Department staff and Shanghai ENT-known experts and scholars in the field attended the meeting.  
    Dr. Chris Hovey made a report named was entitled "Intraoperative nerve monitoring developments in the history of the United Kingdom and specific surgical applications". He introduced applications of  intraoperative nerve monitoring in ENT, thyroid and other related surgery in the specific application, and discussed with experts. Dr. Yinsankai summarized the meeting and said intraoperative nerve monitoring has great significance in ENT, maxillofacial surgery application. He is very interested in the intraoperative nerve monitoring system that jointly launched by Weigao and English Magstim Company and evaluated its accuracy and professionalism           
                                                              (Medical Products Sales Management   MengQingfei)

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