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PRP technology healing huge wounds creates miracles


An ultra-high-bit amputees with a football-sized huge wound, has the join deep hole exposed in the center. Normally , he is treated with multiple infusion sets, albumin, high-end anti-inflammatory drugs continuously, but in wound repair center of Weihai haida hospital, we adopt international advanced PRP wound repair biological treatment technology, the patient did not use a single bottle of infusion in two months and healed the wound incredibly, created a miracle in the industry.

 Magic PRP biotechnology

Mr. Park, who is 60 years old attracted to Weihai haida hospital wound repair center for his diabetic foot. he was pale brown, extreme weight loss, the right lower limb amputation. When he opened the dressing covered pelvis, you can see he only has half pelvis with a 30cm x 25cm football size red granulation tissue wound, the center of the wound is fist size, the deep hole connected with hip with a huge wound , which is really rare.

The normal treatment is rapid and massive intravenous infusion, add a variety of nutrients, anti-inflammatory drugs and blood activating medicines, also need full body anesthesia, a number of large debridement and large repair skin grafting surgery. Because of the amputation, Mr. Park’s body is in bad condition and also suffering myocardial infarction illness, so he can not withstand large-scale treatment. Healthcare professionals consider a treatment solution with zero damage, low risk and high efficacy that can solve his problem, which is a difficult problem to them.

Director of Weihai Hospital Wound Healing Center, Sun Yingfang boldly proposed boldly with “Rest and self-complementary and accumulate bit by bit”  after more than two months of treatment, organ systems suffered from different drugs, functions are in a failure state, so they need a rest, we should use self complementary to restore functions. Through many minor surgeries with each trauma of the surgery does not exceed the degree of dressing, it will be safe and affordable to patient’s body. Hospital immediately placed an extraordinary doctor’s advice with no medical drip, anti-inflammatory drugs and nutrition pin.

For local surgery treatment, Sun Yingfang is the first one in China who used “PRP regeneration and repair surgery”. Every surgical operation is like a dressing change. Nutrition indicators of patient have a significant recovery, his face turns red, his wound is clean with no pus, the patient is optimistic with more food and confident about this treatment. After 20 days , the wound is surrounded by pink circles and start to narrow, after 45 days , the wound area is only half of before, the big hole of the wound center is smaller and smaller, was only the size of almond. After two months in hospital treatment, the rare huge wounds miraculously healed. Mr. Park's weight increased to 54 kg from 30kg.

"I have never heard of this treatment method, with no medical drip, less money and good effect, I see a miracle in this hospital”. That is what Mr. Park told his friends.

Wound repair challenges clinical problems

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a platelet concentration from gradient centrifugation after separation, when platelet is activated, it can release a lot of powerful growth factors, these growth factors can effectively promote wound healing, stimulate proliferation, growth and differentiation of osteoblasts and bone cells.

Haida hospital established the first diabetic foot wound healing center, focuses on the research of healing wounds that caused by trauma and disease, which is hard to heal, Sun yingang , the expert of wound healing surgery, is the director of the center. The hospital uses the advanced PRP technology to heal wound, which makes it systematic, professional, large-scale and developed into the emerging discipline of the medical field.

Ms. Shan suffered from diabetes for more than 20 years. January this year, his foot start to fester with pus and the wound area is growing faster. Ms, Shan has been treated for many times, but never get healed. She went to Haida hospital for help after hearing that there is wound healing experts in this hospital.

After checking her feet, professor sun told her firmly that she does not need to worry , it can be healed. With “PRP regeneration wound prosthetics” and “biological induced epithelial cell transplantation renewable technology”, with only one course, the wound healed, even Ms.Shan cannot believe it.

The succeed of the clinical of “PRP regeneration wound prosthetics” makes Professor Sun good at treating diabetic foot. Not only for healing diabetic food, this technology can also be used for the treatment of some orthopeadic probl. Calcaneus chronic and osteomyelitis is an orthopedic difficulties, easy to relapse, often last for decades and difficult to heal. Mr. Zhou from Shanxi, right calcaneal fractured 20 years ago, resulted osteomyelitis. He has been treated for 11 surgeries, cost him over 100 thousand RMB, but still can not heal it. Then he came to Haida hospital from Shanxi. After checking his wound, Professor Sun found Mr. Zhou has a heel abscess,

He found three bond defect empty holes and several sequestrums by CT scanning. It will take two to three surgeries to remove the sequestrum and fill wound, the entire process takes at least more than half year in hospital observation and treatment.

Sun yingfang used “artificial bio-room semi-open bone implant technology” combined with PRP bone induction technology, with only one operation to complete the treatment, after 24 days of hospitalization, Mr. Zhou was discharged. Moved by Mr. Zhou, he send a banner to Professor Sun by himself to thank him for this healing.

Professor Sun Yingfang wins the trust and praise from patients by his superb medical technology, he spared no effort to assiduous commitment to patients for pain relief, lit a new hope. With the leading role of Sun yingfang, wound healing center of Haida hospital will contribute to patients with the most advanced technology and open a new chapter of patient’s life.

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