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Wego New life held PRP Satellite Meeting


 The 15th Annual Meeting of Orthopedic and the 8th International congress of Chinese Orthopedic Association were held in Beijing National Convention Center from November 8th to 10th. Wego New Life successfully held PRP Treatment Technology Satellite Meeting in the meeting, who promoted high-end recovery concept nationwide and popularized European and American innovation recovery technology to medical field.
    Professor of Pittsburgh University, Chairman of American Orthopedic Sport Medicine Institute Dr.Freddie.FU made a report about “Overview of Orthopedics Organism Material”. Vice Pesident of Shanghai the6th People Hospital, Director of Orthopedics Professor Zhang Changqing gave a lecture about “PRP in Clinical Practice”. Pittsburgh University Orthopedics Stem Cells Research Center, Osteochondal Research Institute Group Leader Doctor Li Hongshuai gave a lecture about “From PRP’s Mechanism to Orthopedics New Treatment Model”.
    These professors thoroughly introduced the research progress of PRP Treatment Technology in trauma orthopedics and sports medicine and explained all growth factors of PRP that would function in the progress of tissue repair, the development trend of foreign orthopedics organism material. Professor Zhang Changqing and Doctor Li Hongshuai specially gave lectures about details of PRP’s preparation and application. They introduced “PRP Application Guide” of the International Academy of Cytology and answered several questions from national orthopedics experts.
    Chinese doctors are interested in PRP because it is a new treatment technology in China. Wego Holding determines to serve doctors and patients and invests heavily to develop and research with Shanghai No.6 People Hospital. Wego exclusively launches PRP Preparation Kits in China which bring a new concept and method for doctor to treat trauma repair. The kits can promote patients recovery, shorten hospital stay, reduce medical expenses, save a great number of medical recourses, and bring huge economy and society values.
    Wego will carry out clinical research of PRP and continuously invest heavily for PRP’s research and development. We will sum up experience; do our best for PRP treatment technology’s clinical education and marketing promotion to benefit more and more patients.
                                                                                                                                       (Wego New Life)

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