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Wego New life attended the National Academic Conference of Extracorporeal Circulation


The 6th National Academic Conference of Extracorporeal Circulation and the 1st Asia Pacific ELSO Conference were held in Beijing International Convention Center from October 11th to 13th. Wego New life General Manager Kong Jianming, Marketing VP Gu Jizhao and Production Director Liu Chengwu led team attending the meeting and exhibited extracorporeal circulation products.

Wego New life launches full set of extracorporeal circulation products, such as membrane oxygenator, perfusion tubing set, Haemoconcentrator and so on. In the operation, membrane oxygenator could take the place of lung to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide; Haemoconcentrator could take the place of kidney to remove excess water and concentrate blood, clean part inflammatory mediators, and improve postoperative visceral organ’s function. Wego extracorporeal circulation products (without DEHP) fill the gap and reach international level. In the simulated clinical limited situation, the DEHP’s educts of Wego’s products are only 1/100 compared with regular products. Membrane oxygenator follows international standard at the beginning: the method of blood flow adopts turbine distributed which is proprietary technology, easy to operate, easy to observe blood flow, air flow and water flow. Our products have been applied 2000 times by European and domestic hospitals which proves the quality reaches international advanced standard, and our products get the first CE Certification in domestic similar products.

(Wego New Life)

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