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Dongguan Kanghua Hospital signed nursing management training agreement with Wego


September 10 afternoon, the Guangdong Dongguan Kanghua Hospital and Weigao Group held Nursing Management Training Project signing ceremony in Dongguan. President of Kanghua hospital, Zouxu; Vice general manager of Kanghua group, Zhu fengzhen; Director of nursing department, Linyan; Director of Wego surgical product, Xu jinfu; Vice president of Wego management school, Wang chong attended the signing ceremony. Zhu fengzhen, Xu jinfu made a speech respectively and signed the agreement. Zou xu and Wang chong inaugurated.

Zhu fengzhen said: Wego Group and Kanghua Group are large enterprises, share the same development process, can learn from each other and promote faster and better development of each other. Kanghua Hospital and Weigao Group carry out this training cooperation, will open a new page of Wego and Kanghua’s cooperation 

Xu Jinfu said: Kanghua hospital is a member of Kanghua Group, which is the largest private tier one hospital. The cooperation between Wego and Kanghua has a profound significance.

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