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The visit of Mr Zhang Wei, Director of Department of Drug Registration of the State Food and Drug Administration to Weigao Group


WEIHAI China, 16 August 2007 – Mr. Zhang Wei, Director of Department of Drug Registration of the State Food and Drug Administration, and Mr. Liu Xiangrong, Director of Food and Drug Administration of Weihai Municipality, visited Shandong Weigao Group (“Weigao Holding”). They were accompanied by Mr. Chen Xueli, the Chairman of Weigao Holding and Mr. Zhou Dejun, the Deputy Manager of Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited (“Weigao Group” or “the Company”).
Mr. Zhang visited the exhibition room of Weigao Group’s products. History of the Company and the details of Weigao Group’s innovative technology and the strategic adjustment of product mix were also introduced to Mr. Zhang. Being the leading medical device company in the industry in China, Weigao Group successfully built up the top brand in China. Weigao Group has also pursued the corporate strategy of “One Core, Three Adjustments” to adjust its industrial and product mix and continued to strengthen Weigao's innovative technology. Furthermore, Weigao Group has provided a series of high-tech products, including orthopaedic products, cardiovascular stents, blood purification products, IV catheters, artificial blood plasma, self-disabling safety sterile syringes. On the whole, Weigao Group has successfully stabilized and expanded the market share and the competitiveness of Weigao Group has also been enhanced. Mr. Zhang highly appraised Weigao Group's performance which left Mr. Zhang with a good impression.

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