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MSL.NC Fully Automatic Vertical Loading Pulse Vacuum Autoclave (LCD Display)

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Main feature

◇ Microcomputer control system.

◇ Displaying time, temperature, pressure, process alert and instrument conditions.

◇ Optional printer prints detailed sterilization data and alarm info automatically.

◇ Built-in vacuum pump, pulse vacuum reaching -0.09 Mpa ensures effective removal of the air to get the optimum saturate steam. 

◇ Built-in water tank, steam-water internal circulation, without steam exhausted to keep the environment tidy and clean.

◇ Automatic process of vacuum, heating up, sterilizing, exhaust and drying.

◇ Built-in rapid steam generator ensures quick steam.

◇ Vacuum drying system ensures textile dryness less than 1% and instrument dryness less than 0.1%.

◇ Horizontal sliding quick opening structure, self expanding seal, operation simple and safe.

◇ Sterilization temperature range: 105 ℃~138℃.

◇ Vacuum drying.

◇ Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.5℃

◇ Chamber material: Stainless steel. 

◇ Accessory: Stainless steel sterilizing basket.

Main technical parameter


Chamber volume:100L

Chamber dimensions (Φ×L) mm:386×860

Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm:630×710×1295

Net weight:112kg

Power supply:5.4 KW,220V, Single phase

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