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Opened Bood Refrigerated Turnover Box

Registration No:SFDA(Shandong) 2009 No.2580005
Sales Phone:0631-5622607

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Type: Blood Collection And Blood Station Devices
Characteristic:1.Improve blood quality and stable the blood biochemical index
2.The blood can be directly and quickly cooled to 20-24 ℃ after collection
3.The holding time is up to 10 hours and more
4.Maintain all bags same temperature
5.Solve the transportation problem of mobile blood donation
6.Aluminum cold plate should be put under the condition of about 4 ℃ at least 16 hours before use
7.Put the bags on the plate horizontally, each plate can be put for 8 standard whole blood bags.
8.Cold plate: 45cm(L)×33cm(D)×2.5cm(H) Weight: 3kg
9.Basketry: 60cm(L)×40cm(D)×12cm  Weight: 1kg
10.Platform car: 62cm(L)×42cm(D)×17cm(H)Weight: 4kg

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