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Infusion and Blood Transfusion Pressure Bag

Specification:Simple type: 500ml, 1000ml, 3000ml Precision type: 500ml、1000ml、3000ml
Registration No:SFDA(Shandong) 2010 No.1540004
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Type: Blood Collection And Blood Station Devices
Characteristic:Transparent bag design makes it easy to observe infusion bag and liquid level inside. 
Durable: use PU material
Clear: keep clear monitoring environment for patients. 
Save: the bag can be total clear; do not need to be discarded (Repetitive use of 100 times). 
Convenient: special hanger design makes no need to take off pressure bag from infusion support. 
Continuous fluid flow: easy to manage liquid. 
Quick&easy: Large inflatable balloon make it is easier and quicker to inflate; 3-way stopcock can realize air bleeding, no need to extrude the balloon. 
1.Outer layer use high transparent PU, inner layer use PU ground film, heat sealing of these two layers makes the bag high transparent and prevent slip of the bag. 
2.Self-made simple pressure valve can display pressure change exactly (Errors of 100 times: ±15mmHg).
3.Paper-Poly Pouch and blister package can meet needs of different customers. 
4.Precise pressure bag design can meet customers’ special requirements. 
1.The pressure bag is mainly used in clinical emergent first-aid, Operating room rapid infusion and transfusion
2.Cooperate with nerve intervention treatment, the bag is used to provide artery positive pressure, and is advantageous for the interventional catheter implantation
3.Special cases of emergency (Wilderness first aid natural disasters emergency first aid) excellent anti-interference and diamagnetic can suitable for large diagnostic equipment under continuous infusion and blood transfusion

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