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Sterile Bulb-tubulating Machine

Registration No:SFDA(Shandong) 2008 No.2540099
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Type: Blood Collection And Blood Station Devices
Characteristic:Sterile bulb-tubulating machine is a sterile connecting device for connceting tows standard sterilized medical PVC tubes, can keep the disposable medical device which similar with Fresenius-NPBI sterilized.
Main components and functions
1.Two pipeline slot for placing the tubes to be connected.
2.Pressing cover plate for fixing the line position.
3.Two clamp wrench for controlling the clamp to close the pipeline
4.Heating cover plate for fixing the heat sealing device
5.Control panel contains a start button, a stop button,  a screen which can display 4*20 character
6.One power line
7.One power port
8.One counter

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