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Multi-functional Blood Component Separator

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Type: Blood Collection And Blood Station Devices
1.Self-exhaust function makes it easy to discharge air from primary bag, blood plasma bag and platelet bag
2.Extrusion speed can be adjusted, it is better to segregate blood components
3.Five scales design make it precise to control the extruding output, can preset bag film weight before procedure started
4.WIFI connections make it possible to put computer with data collection in any place of room, it is good at site operation and data management
5.The unique extrusion board design, there are two sports types: a straight line parallel to the platen and a tilt angle moves, the whole process can be controlled, by the pressure sensor to control the pressure, velocity, position, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling Buffy coat with five speed - pressure curve
6.Dynamic LED indicator can help you properly configure piping, can display tongs used simultaneously; the white layer position can be precisely adjusted when using bottom and top bag

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