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Single Use Sterile Insulin Syringe with Needle

Specification:Syringe Specification: U-40, U-100 Nominal Capacity: 0.3ml、0.5ml、1ml Needle Specification: 0.3mm、0.33mm、0.36mm
Registration No:SFDA 2010 No.3150523
Sales Phone:0631-5621999

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Type: Syringes
1.Transparent barrel design makes it easy to observe liquid level and bubble
2.International standard designed 6:100 nozzle, can compatible with any product with 6:100 nozzle. 
3.Good sealing, no leakage
4.Sterile, pyrogen free
5.Perfect adhesive force of printing ink, no falling off 
6.Thin needle can reach painless injection, and decrease user’s feared state of mind
7.Different cap color and scale (U40/U100) can prevent mistake 
8.One-piece design make little solution residue

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