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Hemdialysis Concentrate Liquid , Liquid A and Liqu

Specification:Liquid A 5L/barrel; 10L/barrel;11L/barrel,12L/barrel
Registration No:SFDA 2012 3451218
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Type: Hemodialysis Products
1.The material is high quality special for dialysis. Powder B is made from special imported material
2.The water ,which used in dialysis, is made by double level reverse osmosid and CEDI and hyperfiltration  technology, it is better than AAMI standard of dialysis water in Amercia
3.RUIKEAN dialysis liquid, type WGTXY-2F、WGTXY-2G, bacterial endotoxin <0.03/ml,it reach international super hyperpure dialysis liquid standard
4.The capacity is more than 3 million barrels per year: more than 10 million bags per year. More than 1.6 million bags per year

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