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Disposable Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Specification:Single-end, Double-end
Registration No:SFDA (Shandong) 2011 No. 1560001
Sales Phone:0631 -5621609

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Type: Operation Room Consumables and Dressings
Characteristic:Our company produces disposable humidification nasal oxygen tube using fine materials to ensure the physical security of the hydrophobic membrane pore size of 0.2 micron to ensure maximum oxygen and wet fluid contact area to achieve a uniform wet, wet no noise, no Bacteria wet, wet filtration revolutionary concept to improve the traditional wet
1, enhanced oxygen humidification effect, so that patients feel more comfortable when inhaled oxygen; 
2, effectively filter out bacteria and oxygen impurities, so that patients in the oxygen, the oxygen inhaled clean to avoid secondary infections 
3, low noise, eliminating the effects of noise on sleep in patients
4, wet effect for several days to ensure single-patient use, no need to repeat adding wet fluid, significantly reducing nursing workload

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