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Disposable Wound Dressing

Registration No:SFDA(Shandong)2012 No.2640150
Sales Phone:0631-5716059

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Type: Operation Room Consumables and Dressings
1.120GSM Relase Paper with Single Side Silicone Coated Anit-Shrink with Hihg Bending performan
2. Sandwich Structure Core part provide better absorption performance and soft, smooth and Non-stick with Wound
3.Back sheet made by medical grade non-woven fabric
4. Prevent the invasion of the bacteria, reduce the chance of infection
5. Prevent external friction to the wound, reduce pain.
6.Breathable design, provide a excellent moisture environment for the better regenerate of skin, inhibition of scab, accelerate wound healing
7. No stimulate to the wound, fixed and reliable, when torn apart from does not hurt the skin. Easy on observation to the wound healing.
8. Fitting to any port of the body with soft and natural feeling
9. Unique round Corner design, without rake after placed

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